The Life Strategies team has written extensively on topics related to career development – some books and resources are published in-house by us and others are available through Amazon or directly from the publisher.

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Written for adults, at any stage of life, who are looking for tips on managing their careers more successfully, this book consists of 6 e-books which can each be purchased separately: 

  1. Time to Reflect: Understanding Yourself 
  2. Time to Explore: Understanding the Workplace 
  3. Time to Choose: Identifying Career Possibilities
  4. Time to Prepare: Developing Portfolios, Resumes, and Interview Skills 
  5. Time for Action: Successful Marketing Strategies
  6. Time to Look ahead: Proactive Career Management 

Alternatively, you can purchase a full print or PDF version.

Leadership is both a privilege and a challenge, especially during transformational times. Whether you’re an executive with an MBA, have years of corporate experience, own a small business, lead project teams, or sit on association boards, this book is designed to engage you in examining your leadership beliefs, experiences, and goals.
Through inspirational quotes, reflective activities and worksheets, and brief articles, the authors share Leadership Lessons from their combined 30+ years of experience in leading businesses, professional associations, and project teams, as well as supporting countless leaders from diverse sectors and backgrounds.

You can purchase a print or download a free PDF.

Self-employment can be exhilarating, challenging, rewarding, and exhausting . . . all at the same moment! Whether you’re building a business with aspirations of a public offering; opening a restaurant, store, or shop of some kind; becoming a home-based consultant; or any of a myriad of other self-employment possibilities, this book is designed to help you examine your beliefs about self-employment, evaluate your readiness, identify the supports you might need, and put logistics in place to ensure you succeed.
Based on their experience in a wide range of self-employment endeavours, the authors share 10 self-employment survival strategies combined with inspirational quotes, reflective activities, and worksheets. Their goal is to help readers understand the realities of self-employment, both the good and the bad – to look before leaping. 

You can purchase a print or download a free PDF.

The role of Case Manager has quickly surfaced as a vital component of career and employment services. This comprehensive guide is intended to be a practical resource for those considering case management as a profession, those currently in the role, and for sector managers and leaders. The authors provide a brief history of case management, share case management competencies and processes, and explore today’s realities for those working in the field.

You can purchase a print or download a free PDF.

Stress-related illness and disability costs the Canadian economy billions of dollars each year. Achieving work-life balance is the number one challenge for workers in the new millennium. Whether juggling dual careers with family responsibilities or struggling with the need to stay connected 24/7, individuals today are facing new challenges. This workbook provides background information and many worksheets, tips, and strategies to help you find “that elusive work-life balance.” Topics include stress, transitions, role overload, and the impact of dual careers on families. 

The career management/development sector is undergoing a professionalization and transformation process. Roles, qualifications, and professional identities are in flux and incredible opportunities are emerging as career management practices are becoming an increasingly important part of human resource planning. As a result, endless possibilities exist for those who are already in the field hoping to grow their careers, and also for those just beginning to explore work as a Career Development Practitioner (CDP).

This guide (and accompanying project resources) is a culmination of our passion and dedication to the career development sector and its workers. Our objective is to provide CDPs with a better sense of where work exists. In Part 1, we explore the work career practitioners do, reflect on the rich history of the field, and explore common career paths. In Part 2, we look at the common roles that career practitioners play; then, in Part 3, we consider where the work is found.

We hope you find this guide a source of encouragement as you explore the incredible opportunities that exist for CDPs.

You can purchase a print or download a free PDF.