The Life Strategies team believes in sharing our knowledge and experience by contributing articles to peer-reviewed journals and industry publications. The following list provides links to our freely-available published works or copies of articles that have been reprinted with permission.


A Needs Assessment of Virtual Career Practitioners (Thomson, King-Nyberg, Janet Morris-Reade, Taylor, & Borgen)

What Now? What Next? Navigating COVID-19 Challenges (Borgen, W. A, & Borgen, R. A.)


Canada: ICCDPP International Symposium Country Paper (Wischoff Yerama, Campbell, Goddedn,McDonald, Neault & Roy)

Ethical Practice in the “Gig Economy” (Pickerell)

Staying Engaged During Times of Transition (Pickerell)


Career Development in a Global Economy: The Diverse Impact of Global Mobility

  • The article, by Roberta Neault, originally appeared in NCDA’s quarterly print magazine, Career Developments- International Issues in Career Development: A Global Perspective (Spring 2015, Vol. 31-2). Copyright March 2015. Reprinted with permission.

International Careerists: Who Works Across Borders and Why? (Neault)

Career Development in Organizations: A Lost or an Emerging Opportunity? (Pickerell & Neault)


Consulting as a Retirement Option: The Myths and Realities (Neault)

That Elusive Work-Life Balance! (Neault)

Managing Global Careers: Challenges for the 21st Century (Neault)