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Not Sure You're Ready?

Your e-learning experience will be greatly enhanced if you are well prepared for the technical requirements and time commitment.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready to learn with us, take this quiz below to get a sense of whether or not you are.

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Answer Key

You are well equipped and ready to take an online course. Mastering the e-learning format should not be a problem allowing you more time to spend on meeting your goals for the course.

You should be capable of participating in an online course, and with a little more time spent online your e-learning experience should be positive. It is recommended that you spend a few hours reviewing the e-learning tips below, in order to explore some essentials for completing an online course, and become fully familiar with the learning management system.

It is recommended that prior to enrolling in an online course you become more familiar with computer technology, rethink your level of commitment to an online course, and build upon your organizational skills. With commitment to developing the skills listed above you have potential to do well in an online
learning environment.

Perhaps you should reconsider using an online learning format. Your skills and computer abilities may be more appropriate for face-to-face classroom learning. If learning online is essential, it is recommended that you review the above quiz to find the questions that you scored low on and use the e-learning tips below, to build on those skills.

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