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Personality Dimensions® builds on the personality temperament and type foundations of such influential authors as Keirsey, Berens, Lowry, Myers, Briggs, and Jung. Two of the Master Trainers for this internationally-recognized tool are on the Life Strategies team! Roberta Borgen (Neault) and Deirdre Pickerell are also authors of the “Toolkits for Trainers” series.

Do you want to be able to facilitate Personality Dimensions® workshops? If so, the Bridging or Level 1 Facilitator option is for you. 

Do you want to train facilitators? If so, the Level 2 Facilitator-Trainer option is for you.

Level 1 Facilitator Qualification & Bridging Option

Successfully complete the 20-hour training and qualification exam (Life Strategies is the only organization offering this training online).

Prerequisite: Adult/group facilitation experience; attendance at a Personality Dimensions®, or other personality temperament/type introductory session.

If you are already certified to use type tools (e.g., MBTI or Majors PTI) or temperament tools (e.g., True Colors), you are eligible for “Bridging,” a  condensed introduction to the tool.

Bridging participants receive a full set of Personality Dimensions® manuals, cards and assessment tools, and a PD in Action booklet.

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Click here for the Bridging Course Outline.

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Level 2 Facilitator-Trainer Qualification 

Have you been a PD facilitator for more than one year? Have you conducted more than 10 different PD workshops for a variety of groups? Do you want to become certified to train PD Level 1 facilitators? If so, this training is for you, facilitated by one of our Master Trainers.

This 20 hour training is currently only available in a classroom-based setting, therefore, you’ll need to coordinate one of these options:

Option A: Identify a group of 10 people who want to achieve Level 2, select dates, and arrange a location. We’re happy to come to you.

Option B: Identify a group of 15 people who want to achieve Level 1, select dates, and arrange a location. We’ll use a co-facilitator / apprenticeship model to qualify you as a Level 2 Trainer while training them as Level 1 Facilitators.


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