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The Micro-Credential Series for Career Educators is an initiative aimed at equipping educators with knowledge and skills to support students in their career development process. Developed with the support of the Supporting Canadians to Navigate Learning and Work project sponsored by the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), the series includes 3 micro-credential (MC) courses similar in scope to a 1-credit university course.

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Micro-Credential 1 (MC1): Fundamentals of Career Development

A primer of current conceptions of career development. The module brings learners up to speed regarding modern approaches to career development in the context of a dynamic and complex work world. The career development of youth, the connections to teaching practice, and the misconceptions that need to be unlearned are topics that make this module particularly relevant to educators.

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Micro-Credential 2 (MC2): Career Development and Mental Health Connections

This module addresses the connections between career development processes and interventions, including career education, and mental health outcomes. Coping with stress is reviewed as a common component of virtually all career development intervention efforts. Educators who work with students individually or in classrooms share core interpersonal skills enabling them to develop rapport, establish working alliances, and engage students to take action related to learning, problem-solving, and behaviour/attitude change. All educators solicit student input through questions and prompts, respond to this input with various types of reflections, and structure their interactions to ensure the aims of students and applicable curriculum are met. This module shows how these skills can combine with career development and mental health knowledge to improve career education/intervention and bolster mental health.

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Micro-Credential 3 (MC3): Teaching Career Curricula in Canadian Schools

This module is intended to support educators who are currently teaching or would like to develop competency in the delivery of provincially mandated career curricula in their province or territory. An overarching goal is to help teachers develop competency in the delivery of effective careers curricula and advance any provincial careers curricula in their schools.

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