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The Career Engagement model (Pickerell & Borgen, 2023) has applications within work, life, and learning. With a focus on continuously realigning one’s life challenges with the individual and organizational/contextual capacity available to meet them, the Career Engagement model offers a holistic framework for understanding how to sustain wellbeing across life roles and contexts.

Hear from the model’s co-developers in this masterclass as they share the model’s inspiration, theoretical foundations, and development. Leave equipped to apply the model across contexts and roles with diverse individuals at any stage of their career (i.e., early years through to retirement); as a career influencer working within organizations, associations, or other community groups; or as a leader seeking to address career-related challenges/concerns across several, interconnected systems.


Launching: July 15 – August 2, 2024

Upon successful completion of this training, participants will:

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Included Text/Supplies: Pickerell, D., & Borgen, R. (2023). Optimizing Career Engagement: A Guide for Enhancing Careers and Other Life Roles. Cognella.

Note: A print version of this text is included in the course fees; however, if you’d like to purchase or rent an e-book in addition, you can do so through the publisher at:

 Duration:  3 weeks, 10 hours per week

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