Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion includes culturally informed practices, programs/services, and workplaces rooted in empathy and understanding.

As we all strive for better inclusivity and a sense of belongingness in work, life, and learning, the need for members of diverse groups to feel acknowledged, understood, and welcomed is paramount. For individuals and organizations, this means a deeper appreciation and respect for the complex, multi-faceted construct comprised of countless inter-related characteristics and influences.

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Career Development for Diverse Clients: Beyond the Basics examines the unique challenges that individuals from a variety of populations may face as they move their careers forward while simultaneously challenging complex barriers to their employment and career success.

The textbook features 35 chapters, each written or revised by someone with specialized knowledge or lived experience in the area of diversity being examined. The opening section explores the work of career development professionals, the required reconceptualization of diversity and inclusion, and career engagement across diversity. Additional sections address challenges related to careers across the lifespan; gender; ethnicity and culture; geographic location; physical/mental illness, injury, and well-being; life transitions; and language and literacy within the context of career development.

Dedicated chapters examine encore careers after retirement, supporting transgender folks in career transitions, the training of Indigenous employment counselors, disordered eating in the workplace, military-to-civilian career transitions, the multilingual workplace, and much more.

Written to assist career development professionals in customizing their approach to serving clients across cultures, conditions, and contexts, Career Development for Diverse Clients (Borgen, 2023) is a valuable resource for courses and programs in career development counselling.