Career Recovery

Career Recovery is focused on hope-centred, lifelong career development strategies, supports, and interventions.

The pandemic has shifted the way we look at work, life, and learning. Some individuals lost jobs they previously considered secure or the childcare they needed to go to work, while others experienced fundamental shifts to how they worked (e.g., remote workplaces). As we transition into a post-pandemic world, a hope-infused career development approach is necessary to address the complex and dynamic world of work we find ourselves in today.

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Career Recovery: Thriving Through Hope and Action

Building from the text, Career Recovery: Creating Hopeful Careers in Difficult Times (Niles, Amundson, Neault, & Yoon, 2021), this virtual workshop can help you take ownership of your career development through this personal, reflective journey. Explore possibilities, connecting what is most important to you with the career challenges of today and tomorrow. Using a combination of resources, activities, and self-reflections, this workshop supports the implementation of a hope-action mindset ensuring passion, talent, and purpose are intentionally (and continuously) integrated into work, life, and learning endeavors.

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