Career Change & Transition

Coping with personal work/life change and corporate restructuring requires being strategic and planful.

Whether planned (e.g., starting a family, relocating to another country, graduating university/college) or unplanned (e.g., loosing your job, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic), the simple truth is that change is inevitable. Transition is the process we follow as we accept change has occurred and we move forward adapting to our new normal/beginning. At Life Strategies, we know that change doesn’t happen in a vacuum – individuals and organizations exist in a dynamic environment.

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Leadership is both a privilege and a challenge, especially during transformational times. Whether you’re an executive with an MBA, have years of corporate experience, own a small business, lead project teams, or sit on association boards, this book is designed to engage you in examining your leadership beliefs, experiences, and goals.

Through inspirational quotes, reflective activities and worksheets, and brief articles, the Leadership Lessons for Transformational Times (Pickerell & Neault, 2010) share lessons from their combined 30+ years of experience in leading businesses, professional associations, and project teams, as well as supporting countless leaders from diverse sectors and backgrounds.