Becoming a Career Development Professional – Part 3

This is a continuation of the Becoming a Career Development Professional blog. Read Part 1 here.

What Education is Necessary to be a CDP?​

CDPs come from a wide variety of sectors and depending on the specific role they’re working in, they might need a Bachelor’s degree in a related sector (e.g., psychology, human resources, business administration). There may be a requirement for additional career-specific training or certification which is generally offered as professional development certificates through several training providers (e.g., our Career Management Professional Program). In Quebec, CDPs work within a regulated profession, so you will need a relevant credential to practice. Because of the wide variety of settings in which CDPs work and the diverse roles they play, their salaries, not surprisingly, can vary, averaging $40,000 to $65,000 annually. Those with higher education or in more niche roles might make more; those in government-funded or non-profits might make less.

How to Become a CDP?

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It’s important to start by fully researching what the profession entails. Consider conducting an informational interview or organizing a job shadow with a CDP to get a better sense of their daily duties and the work environment. Because there are many different places a CDP might work, you might want to consider conducting several informational interviews or job shadowing in several settings to understand the full spectrum of opportunities.

In addition, there are several professional associations dedicated to career work in a variety of Canadian provinces/territories (e.g., BCCDA) and nationally (e.g., CDPC, CERIC). Many of those associations and groups have details on the profession which can help support your decision. Be sure to take stock of the knowledge, skills, and abilities you hold and the opportunities in your area to determine if career practice is a good fit for you.

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