Balance & Sustainability

Work-life balance and sustainability covers topics such as stress management, wellness, and self-care for individuals and practitioners.

Life Strategies’ can help support individuals and organizations struggling to understand and address modern work-life balance/sustainability challenges (e.g., dual career couples, remote/hybrid workplaces, 24/7 connectivity). Achieving a healthy balance between work and life roles will help you (or your staff) maintain wellness, avoid burnout, and achieve career success. As a career development professional, counsellor/therapist, or educator, you know self-care is a core professional competency and ethical cornerstone. 

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Dr. Borgen (Neault)’s publication, That Elusive Work-Life Balance, provides a deep dive on sustainability. Beginning with a deepened understanding on balance and stress, readers will explore strategies for managing stress, enhancing wellness, and juggling major life roles. Leave equipped with tips and resources to proactively balancing work and life going forward.

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