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Cassie Taylor


Managing Director

Cassie has 15 years of experience within the career development sector supporting Life Strategies Ltd. in a variety of roles on a diverse set of projects. In 2007, she received her Bachelor’s of Applied Arts from Kwantlen Polytechnic University (previously known as Kwantlen University College). With a passion for research, Cassie has assisted with a number of research and writing projects from their conceptualization to information gathering and data analysis phases, incorporating recent research and trends into the development of workshops, seminars, webinars, and/or articles on a wide variety of topics. As the Student Advisor for the LearnOnline programs and courses, she also offers course planning, technical support, and assistance to students, as well as support to course developers and instructors.

Cassie has supported several of Life Strategies’ complex consulting and writing projects including SUCCESS’s Supporting Employers Embracing Diversity (SEED) and Essential Skills development projects, as well as the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table’s Employer Resource Guide. Through developing and maintaining detailed Gantt charts, Cassie plays a significant role in monitoring project deliverables and timelines to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. Cassie also actively supports project completion through conducting preliminary research via environmental scans and literature reviews, developing data collection procedures and materials (e.g., online surveys, telephone interviews, in-person focus groups using data-on-the-spot technologies, online meetings), responding to phone and email inquiries, assisting with key informant interviews and focus groups, and providing technical support and project evaluation as required