A career consulting and training firm with international reach. We provide the navigational tools for your journey.


About Us

Since 1993, Life Strategies Ltd., an award-winning project-based organization, has supported individuals and organizations to be the best they can be. Although Life Strategies is based in the Lower Mainland of BC, we work with clients and students throughout the world. We maintain both a local and global focus.

As the world of work and ways of working have evolved, so too have our services – through e-learning initiatives and virtual offices we are connected to colleagues and clients around the globe. We remain strongly connected to our roots in career development and counselling, playing leadership roles in professional associations and presenting workshops and keynotes at national and international career and counselling conferences. We continue to support the advancement of the career development and counselling sectors through research/writing, consultation, and e-learning course development.

Lighthouse Story

A lighthouse shines the way for travellers, especially during difficult or stormy times. The lighthouse itself doesn’t do the work – the ship remains under the control of its captain, and everyone on board needs to use all of their knowledge and skills to move ahead safely. The lighthouse is, however, a beacon, a navigational tool, a bright spot in the midst of darkness, a constant in the midst of change.

At Life Strategies Ltd., our hope is to be a lighthouse for you. We’ve always recognized that you’re the captains of your ships – whether as individuals (in kayaks or canoes) or as corporations (in cruise ships or freighters). If we can shine a light on your future and provide some navigational tools for your journey, we’ll be accomplishing our corporate mission.



Our Mission

Through counselling, consulting, coaching, facilitation, research, keynotes, and writing, we work with individuals and organizations to maximize individual potential, resulting in people and organizations becoming the best they can be. Each day, we strive to make a significant difference in someone’s life. We want to leave the world a better place than we found it – one interaction at a time.

Our Core Values

  • We respect that individuals are uniquely gifted and each have a life purpose
  • We advocate a holistic approach to integrating work with other life roles
  • We inspire enthusiasm, creativity, teamwork, and hope for the future
  • We customize our programs and services to offer consistently high quality while maintaining affordability
  • We believe in giving back to the community – sharing both time and money

We have never strayed from our commitment to excellence, innovation, and affordability. Please don’t hesitate to connect to discuss your unique needs…we want to support you to imagine…achieve…excel!