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Check out this free, foundational career development training opportunity. The CDPC is sponsoring local training providers to offer "Career Development Practice: Building a New Era". As they plan this 30-hour course, Life Strategies is inviting regional insights within a brief survey indicating your training preferences.
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Our Areas of Expertise


A holistic approach to balancing challenge and capacity across life roles


Hope-centred, lifelong career development strategies, supports, and interventions


Culturally informed practices, programs, services, and workplaces


Practical e-learning solutions grounded in best practices


Strategic plan for coping with personal work/life changes and corporate restructuring


Proactive, positive approach to work-life challenges


Solutions and supports for gig/contract workers


Stress management, wellness, and self-care for individuals and practitioners

What Our Students are Saying

  • 95% of students rated their overall experience as good or excellent
  • 83% of students rated the course resources as very useful
  • 97% of students rated their assignments as either useful or very useful
  • 97% of students rated their experience with their instructor as good or excellent

What Clients Are Saying

“Your work is transformational in regard to workforce engagement and career planning. Your insights, suggestions, and mentoring have helped us to tackle the all important topic of workforce management which is critical to the mission of our company.”

Edward D. Halpin, President and CEO STP Nuclear Operating Company

“To be honest, I cannot truly find the words to define the impact this course has had on my work as a career practitioner because I am feeling so elated just knowing I have all this information and [I look forward] to continuing to learn, better understand and practice this knowledge with clients.”

Barb Litwin, Theories and Ethics student

“Feedback from the group on your session was extremely positive. It's clear that you are an "expert" on this topic and brought many relevant examples and anecdotes to the session that made it both insightful and engaging.”

Kim Katz - Director, Client Operations Training, TELUS.

“I cannot say enough about your sincerity and genuine effort to guide others toward growth and success. Your ability to see through the person - mind, heart and soul - creates a burst of motivation and hope. I enjoyed our session greatly and looking forward to communicating with you again in the near future.”

Nadia Serry, CCDP, CT