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Rannylo Deric Reyes Rannylo Deric Reyes
Project Assistant

After graduating with a double major in psychology and English literature, Rannylo found volunteering with BC Children's and Women's Hospital in a variety of roles including hospital wayfinding, education support for youth with eating disorders, patient companionship, and respite for parents. He also volunteers with Crisis Text Line, a mental health support service for youth in crisis, and has worked as a site screener for BC Children's and Women's Hospital. Collectively, these experiences have enlightened Rannylo on the important role a person's unique life perspectives play in helping to foster positive outlooks and empowerment towards a fulfilling life.

Rannylo is an aspiring counselling psychologist, with a passion for helping people and a keen desire to learn. Outside of volunteering, he enjoys long walks around the parks and beaches around town, video games, watching hockey games, and spending time with family and friends. 



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