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Webinar Wednesdays: Thoughts on Theories
This series will explore theories and models career practitioners can embed in their practice. A great supplement to foundational theories training.

Apr 8, 2015: Thoughts on Theories 1: Career Engagement
  • We’ll begin Thoughts on Theories series with exploration of career engagement – a dynamic interaction of challenge/capacity
May 13, 2015: 10 Key Concepts in Career Theory
  • From matching and developmental to theories of change and chance, this webinar highlights the theories most relevant to career development.
Jun 24, 2015: Teories of Change and Chance
  • This webinar will focus on the various theories and models of change and chance, including Happenstance Learning Theory and the Chaos Theory of Careers.
Aug 19, 2015: Thoughts on Theories 4: Career Flow
  • Learn how the hope-centred career flow model helps structure career reflections/conversations.
Sept 30, 2015: Using Theory in Case Conceptualization
  • Knowing about theories relevant to your practice is just the first step; it is also important to understand how to effectively use theory to support your practice. Join Roberta Neault and discover how to use theories to support case conceptualization.

October 28, 2015: Thoughts on Theories 6: Culture Counts

  • Explore several theories and models that facilitate recognizing and appreciating diversity.

December 2, 2015: When is a Theory Not Quite a Theory?

  • Working within a theoretical framework? Maybe not! Learn when a theory may not be a theory and why this distinction might be important to your practice.

January 13, 2016: Exploring Constructionist and Constructivist Approaches

  • Examine theories which address life/social context and help clients derive meaning from / construct their life stories.

February 10, 2016: Systems Theories

  • Individuals are embedded within complex and constantly changing systems. Explore relevant systems theories and how to incorporate them into your practice.

March 23, 2016: Impact of Theory on Practice


  • Theory shapes client interactions, selected interventions, and more. Yet many struggle to incorporate theory. Learn how theory impacts practice, and the impact of not starting from a theoretical approach.

Select one webinar for $25.00 or mix and match 5 webinars from our 4 topical streams (Career Development in Organizations, Thoughts on Theories, Ethical Practice, and Assessment Tools, Models, and Processes) for $100.00.

Sign up for a full series and save! An
annual series subscription is $150 (approximately 10 webinars); an annual 4 series subscription is $500.00 (approximately 40 webinars). Can’t make a webinar? Not a problem, recordings will be made available for series subscribers.

NOTE: Registrations placed less than 24 hours prior to start will may not be processed in time for the live session; however, recordings will be available for purchase.
Price: CAN$ 25.00

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