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Webinar Wednesdays: Ethical Practice
Ethics provide the basis for our work as career practitioners but far too often aren’t top of mind. This series is a great supplement to foundational ethics training going deeper to explore emerging ethical issues and dilemmas.

Apr 15, 2015: Ethical Practice
  • Ethical practice doesn’t have to be dull or complicated. Explore 10 practical tips to guide your ethical practice.
May 20, 2015: Ethics and Social Media
  • Do you know what your ethical code says about social media? Learn some ethical essentials to guide your practice.
Jul 8, 2015: Do You Have to Be One to Help One?
  • Consider whether or not “matching” is necessary to understanding experiences of diverse clients.
Sept 9, 2015: Ethics of Advocacy
  • Is client advocacy appropriate in your role? Learn what our professional codes of ethics say.
October 7, 2015: Exploring Relevant Ethical Codes
  • Review, compare, and contrast ethical codes that guide the work of career practitioners.
November 4, 2015: Let's Talk Ethical Dilemmas
  • Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil? No! Avoid ethical dilemmas through open discussion.
December 9, 2015: Ethical Practice in Rural and Remote Communities
  • Explore the unique challenges workers in smaller communities face, which ethical principles you may need to privilege, and the impact on clients
January 20, 2016: The Ethics of Informed Consent and Release of Information
  • Do your existing informed consent and release forms cover all they need to? Explore best practices in designing these forms, and in introducing them to clients.
February 17, 2016: Monitoring Ethical Practice
  • Explore who is really monitoring ethical practice, within career development and beyond. Consider whether ethical codes have any “teeth” if practice is going unmonitored.
March 30, 2016: Certification and Regulation of Career Practice
  • Career practitioner certification is expanding throughout Canada and many other regions. Learn about various certification initiatives and increase your understand of certification vs. regulation.

Select one webinar for $25.00 or mix and match 5 webinars from our 4 topical streams (Career Development in Organizations, Thoughts on Theories, Ethical Practice, and Assessment Tools, Models, and Processes) for $100.00.

Sign up for a full series and save! An
annual series subscription is $150 (approximately 10 webinars); an annual 4 series subscription is $500.00 (approximately 40 webinars). Can’t make a webinar? Not a problem, recordings will be made available for series subscribers. 

NOTE: Registrations placed less than 24 hours prior to start will may not be processed in time for the live session; however, recordings will be available for purchase.
Price: CAN$ 25.00

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