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Webinar Wednesdays: Career Development In Organizations
This webinar series focuses on fostering career development practices within organizations. Ideal for career practitioners who are working within HR or organization development divisions within organizations of all sizes.

Apr 1, 2015: Creating a Career Development Culture
  • Embed career development practices within your organization to strengthen engagement. Learn how to get started.
May 6, 2015: Let’s CHAT!
  • Learn how to easily implement the Communication, Help, Appreciate, and Take Action coaching model within your organization
Jun 10, 2015: Maximizing Career Engagement
  • Learn how to maximize the Career Engagement of your employees for more productive and engaged workers.
Aug 5 2015: Diversity at Work
  • We bring our diverse selves to work. Workplaces that value and appreciate this complexity can reap the benefits.
Sept 23, 2015: Leadership Lessons for Transformational Times
  • Strong leadership is required in times of change/transition. Are you ready?
October 21, 2015: Creating a Sustainable Workforce
  • Move beyond work-life balance; take a holistic approach to create employee health and wellbeing through sustainability practices.
November 25, 2015: Career Conversations for Managers
  • Many managers are tasked with having career conversations geared at helping to keep employees happy, engaged, and productive. Yet, too often managers aren’t equipped with this skill. Explore components of career conversations and be introduced to models that may help ensure these conversations happen.
January 6, 2016: Outplacement and Career Transition
  • From employers designing services to consultants offering them, Explore both sides of outplacement and career transition work.
February 3, 2016: Performance Management vs. Career Development
  • Explore the differences and similarities between managing performance and supporting career goals. Understand when to integrate, and when to separate these types of conversations.
March 16, 2016: Strategic Recruitment
  • Recruitment, screening, and hiring can result in huge costs to organizations, especially if ultimately the wrong person is hired. Explore recruitment strategies geared at maximizing hiring success.

Select one webinar for $25.00 or mix and match 5 webinars from our 4 topical streams (Career Development in Organizations, Thoughts on Theories, Ethical Practice, and Assessment Tools, Models, and Processes) for $100.00.

Sign up for a full series and save! An
annual series subscription is $150 (approximately 10 webinars); an annual 4 series subscription is $500.00 (approximately 40 webinars). Can’t make a webinar? Not a problem, recordings will be made available for series subscribers.

NOTE: Registrations placed less than 24 hours prior to start will may not be processed in time for the live session; however, recordings will be available for purchase.
Price: CAN$ 25.00

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Price: CAN$ 25.00

Price: CAN$ 25.00

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