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Webinar Wednesdays: Assessment Tools, Models, and Processes
This series will help demystify assessment through an exploration of tools, models, and processes. Ideal for career practitioners who are seeking to further develop their assessment skills.

Apr 29. 2015: Personality
  • Go beyond the MBTI. Learn what personality assessment tools are out there and how they can help your clients
May 27, 2015: Interests
  • Go beyond the SII. Learn what interest assessment tools are available and how they can help your clients.
Jul 15, 2015: Values
  • Learn what values assessment tools are available and why values play an important role in our career decision making.
Sept 16, 2015: Skills
  • Not sure how to assess for skills? Learn what assessment tools we’d recommend and why.

October 14, 2015: Using “Tests” in Employee Screening/Development

  • Learn about testing in organizations. We’ll introduce some favourites & discuss what to avoid.

November 18, 2015: Explore Test Suppliers and Qualifications

  • Learn about some of the Canadian suppliers, their tests, and how they assess your qualifications.

December 16, 2015: Assessments for Stress and Wellness

  • Explore the wide range of assessment tools for assessing factors like stress management, coping skills, and quality of life.

January 27, 2016: 10 Tips for Selecting Assessments

  • There are 1000s of tools available. In this session we share 10 key tips to help you decide which assessment tools to use, which ones to avoid, and why.

February 24, 2016: Identifying Themes and Patterns Across Assessment Results

  • Learn how to identify the themes and patterns that emerge across results and provide an integrated interpretation. Understand why differences can emerge and how to explore them with clients.

April 6, 2016 Integrating Assessment Results into Career Conversations

  • The tests have been taken, reports read, and themes/patterns identified. Next is engaging in meaningful career conversations; this webinar will show you how.

Select one webinar for $25.00 or mix and match 5 webinars from our 4 topical streams (Career Development in Organizations, Thoughts on Theories, Ethical Practice, and Assessment Tools, Models, and Processes) for $100.00.

Sign up for a full series and save! An
annual series subscription is $150 (approximately 10 webinars); an annual 4 series subscription is $500.00 (approximately 40 webinars). Can’t make a webinar? Not a problem, recordings will be made available for series subscribers. 

NOTE: Registrations placed less than 24 hours prior to start will may not be processed in time for the live session; however, recordings will be available for purchase.
Price: CAN$ 25.00

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