Psychometric Assessments

We don't believe in a "test and tell" or "one size fits all" approach to assessment. However, assessment tools can be useful to surface patterns and themes, provide common language, strengthen relationships, and facilitate personal, career, and leadership development.

We use a wide variety of assessment tools. Some of the most requested are:

  • Personality Type (Personality Dimensions®, MBTI™, Majors PTI™, SFPQ)
  • Emotional Intelligence (BarOn EQ-i®)
  • Leadership (Leadership Skills Profile®, Leadership Development Report®)
  • Quality of Life (Occupational Stress Indicator®, Quality of Life Questionnaire®)
  • Interests (Jackson Vocational Interest Survey®, Career Directions Inventory, ® Strong Interest Inventory®, Career Exploration Inventory©, Career Decision-Making System®)
  • Skills (Wide Range Achievement Test®, Multidimensional Aptitude Battery®, Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Inventory®, SkillScan™)
  • Values (Career Values Scale®, Work Motivation Scale™, Purpose Cards)
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