Career Management

Are you looking for ways to support your employees' career development? Today's workers see their careers more holistically than before, recognizing the importance of integrating work with other life roles. They have career aspirations, not always related to moving up the corporate ladder, and are actively seeking ways to ensure their careers meet both their current and future needs.

Your employees want opportunities to achieve educational goals, be challenged and engaged in their work, and be seen as valued contributors to the success of the organization.

Life Strategies offers you award-winning leaders in the field of career management, to help you:

  • Think strategically about career management as an employee engagement strategy
  • Develop and implement in-house career services from orientation through retirement preparation
  • Offer career coaching to targeted employees
  • Integrate career development with succession planning
  • Support career transitions

Call us to discuss your unique needs.

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Life Strategies Ltd.
Chilliwack, British Columbia

PH: 604.856.2386
TOLL FREE: 1.877.266.8581

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