Where's the Work? Helping Career Practitioners Explore Their Career Options

Client: Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF)

The CCDF is non-profit organization striving to advance the career development field. Through CCDF's 2012 Building for the Future Endowment Fund, Life Strategies developed timely and affordable resources to help Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) understand the wide range of opportunities available for those with their specialized skills.

To inform project deliverables (i.e., webinars and guide), we completed a literature review and developed a survey to explore work role and setting possibilities for CDPs outside of government-funded contracts. An advisory group consisting of leaders in the sector was convened; consulting with them provided tangible feedback and advice on the project. One specific change in the project objectives, as a result of this consultation, was to expand the scope of the project to also include the work of career development practitioners within traditional government and government-funded settings.

The guide, based on our research, is divided into 3 parts. In Part 1: What Does a Career Development Practitioner Do?, we set the scene reviewing a brief history of the field then exploring what our work looks like today. Here, we share results of three recent surveys of Canada's career practitioners including the survey done to support this project. In Part 2: What Roles Do Career Development Practitioners Fill?, we introduce some of the diverse roles available to career practitioners; within this section we take a case study  approach introducing practitioners working in 12 different roles - from intake and needs assessment, to program management and organizational career and leadership development. Lastly, in Part 3: Where Do Career Development Practitioners Work?, we outline many different settings that might employ career practitioners including private insurers, corporations, government, and prisons. Click here for the final version of the guide.

We initially designed a 3-part webinar series to parallel the primary sections of the book, piloting the introductory webinar. However, as the guide is available for free, we later restructured the topics to expand on specific roles and work settings. The first in the role series is: So You Want to Be A Career Assessment Specialist? The first in the settings series is: Career Development in Organizations.



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