Supporting Employers Embracing Diversity (SEED; 2009)

Client: Success Employment Services

S.U. C.C.E.S.S is a BC-based, non-profit organization whose focus is to assist immigrants in connecting to the community at large. S.U.C.C.E.S.S. contracted Life Strategies Ltd. to develop a comprehensive diversity toolkit to support employers in recruitment and retention of diverse workers. A key focus of this project was to identify resources (e.g., toolkits, workshops, courses) that were currently available yet difficult to find/access, rather than developing something new. The result is the Supporting Employers Embracing Diversity (SEED) toolkit; one component is the ROI Virtual Toolkit of Resources  which presents a wide variety of existing diversity resources in an interactive user-friendly format.

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As a result of this project, Life Strategies also developed, and continues to manage, a separate website focussed on diversity. Visit Diversity at Work at



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