Single Labour Market Information Portal Feasibility Research (2009)

Client: Forum of Labour Market Ministers, Labour Market Information Working Group (FLMM-LMIWG)

The FLMM-LMIWG consists of federal, provincial, and territorial ministers with the shared goal of promoting discussion and cooperation among jurisdictions in regards to LMI-related concerns. Life Strategies has been involved in three FLMM-LMIWG projects concerning the website dissemination of LMI.

This third project was for senior officials, concerning the logistics of creating a single LMI portal that would retrieve information from a variety of current sites (i.e., federal, provincial, territorial) and would disseminate LMI seamlessly to all end-users. Building on the previous two projects, consultations with technical and database experts, a review of existing reports (e.g., Advisory Panel on Labour Market Information: The Drummond Report), and structured interviews with key informants (e.g., Statistics Canada), Life Strategies investigated the feasibility of a common database or "warehouse" of labour market information, LMI work already underway, user needs across the country, and potential challenges and risks with the single LMI portal concept. The final report summarized previous FLMM-LMIWG research, reports, and meetings, as well as the subsequent data collection and analysis by Life Strategies. A single LMI portal project plan, with recommendations for essential elements, and estimated budget and timelines, was presented for consideration.

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