Personality Dimensions® Topical Toolkits and e-Learning Development

Client: Career/Life Skills Resources (CLSR)

Personality Dimensions® is a personality assessment, and accompanying workshop focussed on increasing self-awareness and enhancing communication skills. It is used extensively for teambuilding, conflict resolution, leadership development, and career planning. Dr. Neault and Ms. Pickerell are among a small select group of Master Trainers in Canada who earned this status by making significant contributions to Personality Dimensions®; in their case, this involved developing training curriculum, toolkits for trainers, and the PD Basic materials designed for adults with low literacy or non-native English language speakers.

As part of our Personality Dimensions® consulting work with CLSR, we have developed the following:

  • Train the Trainer Toolkit
    • Designed to support Facilitator Trainers to deliver 21-hours of in-person Personality Dimensions® Level 1 training
  • Level 1 Facilitator Certification Training e-Learning
    • Delivered via an interactive online learning management system this three week training program incorporates individual and group activities, group discussions, individual assignments, and a final examination
  • Level 2 Facilitator-Trainer Certification
    • Face-to-face training to provide Certified Facilitators with an opportunity to move to the next certification level. Upon successful completion, facilitators can offer Level 1 Facilitator Certification training (i.e., they can train trainers)
  • Personality Dimensions® Toolkits for Trainers
    • Created to support certified facilitators in workshop customization and delivery
    • Each toolkit contains a basic overview of Personality Dimensions® workshops and customized materials specific to the theme (i.e., tailored exercises, handouts, and PowerPoint, notes to facilitator)
    • Topics include Team Building, Career Building, Conflict Management, Leadership Development, Learning Styles and Strategies, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service, Work-Life Balance, Retirement
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More recently, Life Strategies Ltd. was contracted to develop Personality Dimensions in a Virtual World - a how-to guide for facilitating PD workshops virtually to individuals, synchronously with dispersed/intact groups, and asynchronously with groups.

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