Employer Resource Guide for Supervisor Competency Training (2011)

Client: Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table (APGST)

The Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table (APGST) is a not-for-profit partnership between labour, business, and educational/training institutions seeking to ensure skilled workers have the right training to meet employment demands. The goal of this project was to create an easy-to-use Employer Resource Guide for employers and employees within the identified Gateway sectors that identified core supervisory competencies and relevant training to develop supervisory skills, knowledge, and attributes. Project activities included developing a supervisory skills framework, validating that framework with sector employers and tradespersons, mapping training available to each of the skill areas within the framework, and compiling this information into a practical guide for employers.

To view the online version of the final product, see http://www.hrwire.ca/employer_resources/training_and_education/supervisory_skill/

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