Comprehensive Career Development Curriculum (2008)

Client: South Texas Nuclear Operating Company (STP)

The South Texas Project (STP) Nuclear Operating Company is a two-unit nuclear power plant employing approximately 1,200 individuals. In an effort to increase employee engagement and reduce turnover, STP turned to Life Strategies to explore what an organizational career development initiative might include. The project was broken down into several phases as described below:

  • Phase 1: Employee Focus Groups
    • Met with employees to discuss what career planning / career management meant to them and how the organization might better support their career goals
    • Explored the results of a cultural survey indicating employees wanted career planning support
  • Phase 2: Report on Focus Group Results / Make Project Recommendations
    • Based on the research conducted onsite, Life Strategies submitted a detailed report on what employees were looking for from a career development initiative
  • Phase 3: Develop Workshops
    • Training materials were created for the following workshop topics:
      • Career Development: Getting Started
      • Looking Out: Exploring Work Opportunities
      • Preparing Your Paperwork
      • Interview Preparation
      • Work-Life Sustainability
      • Proactive Career Management
      • Effective Career Conversations for Managers and Supervisors
    • Materials included workshop outline, lesson plan, PowerPoint presentation with detailed facilitator notes, and relevant handouts
    • All materials had to conform to existing STP training standards and/or those set by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Phase 4: Pilot and Evaluation
    • Early in 2009 several workshops were piloted; all were successful

All materials designed to meet the needs of diverse workforce which included trades, engineers, accounting, human resources and at all levels of the organization from mail / copy room to senior executives.

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