Co-Executive Coordinators (2006-2009)

ENET Educational Society (now, BCCDA)

ENET was a professional association founded in 1985 as the Agency Placement Officers' Network (APON). It transitioned to NETWERCC (Networking, Education, and Training for Workers in Employment, Rehabilitation and Career Counselling) which was incorporated as a non-profit society in May 1992. NETWERCC transitioned once again, becoming ENET (Employment Network, Education, and Training for Rehabilitation and Career Development Practitioners) in 2005. ENET merged with the Career Management Association of BC in 2008 to become the Career Development Association of BC (BCCDA).

ENET's mandate was to provide a central networking, education and training service to develop the knowledge and skills of its members, thus enhancing their effectiveness for serving clients.

Responsibilities of Executive Coordinator included identifying topics, speakers, training spaces for monthly training days; facilitating networking activities at monthly training days; identifying writers and topics for ENET Journals and serving as editors of  "Year in Review" Journal; establishing regional networks and online activities for members outside of BC's lower mainland; setting the agenda for board meetings and annual general meetings; and taking meeting minutes and distributing them to the board and membership;

Some notable accomplishments from our time as co-executive coordinators include:

  • Increasing membership by 48.2% in first year
  • Introducing a new "look" and messaging (i.e., Communicate, Connect, Grow your Career)
  • Designing and developing new website
  • Updating journal offerings with 8 new journals published
  • Increasing opportunities for regional members to access training through regional meetings, online discussions, and discounts on e-learning
  • Developing the book club and philosophers cafe
  • Bringing three international speakers to training days - i.e., two former Presidents of the National Career Development Association in the United States (Dr. Spencer Niles and Martha Russell) and Professor Jim Bright from Australia
  • Securing two Honorary International Directors - i.e., Dr. Spencer Niles, D.Ed. LPC, NCC Department Head and Professor of Pennsylvania State University in the Counsellor Education department and Jim Bright, BA, PhD, FAPS, Partner in Bright and Associates and Professor of Career Education and Development at Australian Catholic University

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