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We certainly hope you find all of our services user friendly, but if you do run into any problems we would like to know about it in order to correct the situation. Please use the following contacts to report any problems you may be experiencing.

  • WEBSITE PROBLEMS: If you are unable to access certain pages or experiencing some other type of problem with this website please contact our web developer.
  • LEARNONLINE: If you are a member of our Learnonline community and are presently unable to access the site, please submit this form.
  • ONLINE STORE: If you are experiencing any problems with your orders or have questions regarding your order through our online store, please contact our online support team.
  • GENERAL CONTACT: For any other issues please contact our office directly using the form or e-mail listed here.
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Life Strategies Ltd.
Chilliwack, British Columbia

PH: 604.856.2386
TOLL FREE: 1.877.266.8581

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