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I am now in my third class at Life Strategies and although there are sometimes challenges because I am not currently a career practitioner, I see many similarities to my experiences managing people. It is my first online class experience and I am very impressed with it. Having been responsible for online user experience in my past, I have found the navigation very user friendly and have engaged more in it than I thought I might. Tracy McIver, CMPP Student

quotationI have found this course to be phenomenal! There are so many theories introduced.... I must admit that is has been a lot of work to wrap my head around each theory, as I am being introduced to many of the theories for the first time. Part of me is begging for more information - although it has already been overwhelming at times, with the information we have! It has been fantastic, however, as I have already been applying what I have learned and it is enriching my practice....Jessica, CMPP student

quotationTaking this course has definitely reinforced for me why I think that all people working as career development practitioners should take a course on ethics, especially one specific to our field. Ethical practice is fundamental to our work. I feel that my learning objectives were met fully and if I could do one thing differently it would be to have taken this course earlier. CM

quotationI can't tell you how much I enjoyed my two on line courses, theories, and ethics. I deal with so much everyday, it gave me some practical information to refer to. I also enjoyed reading all the blogs from the courses, and the instructors gave helpful questions and advice.
Wendy Lacroix, Wage Subsidy Coordinator, Kootenay Career Development Society

quotationI was initially reluctant to sign up for an on-line course as I prefer a face-to-face interaction in class. I was pleasantly surprised how participation in various topic-focused forums gave me a feeling of connection with other virtual classmates and that I could tap onto wisdom and knowledge of others just as if I would have done it in class. The website was very easy to navigate and all the necessary information and materials were easily accessible.

The topics were related to my current job and many times after forums or assignments I was more inspired and motivated to do more and be a better Job Developer!

The Life Strategies team members were effective and provided me with feedback and information on a very timely and efficient manner. I will definitely recommend you to other Job Developers who didn't have a chance to experience your well-designed course.
Gulnara Aituarova, Job Developer, ISSofBC Skills Connect Program

quotationUp until now, my case coordination was based on my own experiences and my preferred activities for a client's job search. I favoured the assessments as I had personal experience with them and felt they were quite useful. Now I realize so many variables were never taken into account and this was not fair to the clients. I think one of the main impacts [the Theories and Ethics courses] will have on me is to move toward a much more objective approach with an improved focus on inclusivity.

To be honest, I cannot truly find the words to define the impact this course has had on my work as a career practitioner because I am feeling so elated just knowing I have all this information and [I look forward] to continuing to learn, better understand and practice this knowledge with clients.
Barb Litwin, Theories and Ethics student, 2010

quotationThank you for a very informative session! You have a fantastic model in coaching: You fuse factors of career, academia, meaningful insights into the person's potentials and skills, and the reality of the market demands. Then, with intelligence and wisdom you swiftly design clear and functional strategies for short and long term plans. I cannot say enough about your sincerity and genuine effort to guide others toward growth and success. Your ability to see through the person - mind, heart and soul - creates a burst of motivation and hope. I enjoyed our session greatly and looking forward to communicating with you again in the near future.
Nadia Serry, CCDP, CT
quotationJust wanted to thank you, again for your presentation to the CPC members this past week - I hope you found it enjoyable, as well. Many of our members expressed their thanks for your time and expertise. Should you be interested in presenting again in the new year, please don't hesitate to let me know. If it is alright with you, I would love to call on you again as your energy, enthusiasm, and expertise were of great value to our group.
Maureen McCann, ProMotion Career Solutions

quotationI am very happy with the services you have provided to us. It is helping supervisors to formulate plans that will work well for the participants and for our organization.
Director of Human Resources, BC Lower Mainland Not-for-Profit Organization

quotationYour work is transformational in regard to workforce engagement and career planning. Your insights, suggestions, and mentoring have helped us to tackle the all important topic of workforce management which is critical to the mission of our company.
Edward D. Halpin, President and CEO STP Nuclear Operating Company

quotationFeedback from the group on your session was extremely positive. It's clear that you are an "expert" on this topic and brought many relevant examples and anecdotes to the session that made it both insightful and engaging.
Kim Katz - Director, Client Operations Training, TELUS.

quotationThe workshop was a positive experience and all participants enjoyed it and quite a few "aha" moments by some; many refer to their behaviour now in colour - it's great! I want to thank you for coming out here and helping us. The experience was a great learning tool and will help through the restructuring.
Nicole Gibson, Office Manager, RCMP Campbell River Detachment

quotationThank you so much for the session yesterday! My group thoroughly enjoyed it (and I know this because they are still talking about it). As you predicted, I'm hearing things like. . . so and so is orange, that's why she does that. And we all learned without knowing we were learning. I have also heard lots about what a great facilitator you are, and that you were very "real" and that using yourself as an example made a difference for them.
Anonymous, Federal Government, Canada

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